Thermal Imaging

What is Thermal Imaging?

Thermography, using a specialized infrared camera, is a cost-effective method of predictive maintenance inspection for virtually all types of applications from residential to commercial and industrial. Infrared thermography operates by measuring the infrared energy of any object’s surface and producing a detailed visual image showing its temperature profile.

A thermal imaging camera is used to scan and show the temperature variance of machinery and electrical equipment quickly and accurately. Thermography can contribute to substantial cost savings by locating trouble spots before expensive and dangerous failures or fires occur.

Horwood Electrical Services has a certified infrared thermographer on staff to assist you with all your thermal imaging needs.

thermal1 thermal imaging
Giddings & Lewis Control Cabinet Contactor 2M

Electrical Diagnostics

At Horwood Electrical Services we appreciate the value of having the best tools available to serve our clients in the most cost effective way. Thermal Imaging is one such tool that assists us to detect and diagnose hot spots in machinery or electrical components.

The Thermal Imaging camera allows us to measure the temperature of objects in a non-contact mode, without danger to the operator. Hot spots become visible in locations that cannot be seen with the naked eye or other equipment.

thermal imagingthermal imaging
Panel 3 Disconnect – Substation 1

Our licenced Thermography specialist can scan electrical cabinets and components and survey multiple wires and connections to get an instant picture of potential trouble. Common electrical targets are fuses, electrical panels, bolted connections and switchgear.

thermal imaging thermal imaging
Panel 3 – Substation 1

thermal imagingthermal imaging
Warner & Swasey Machine

Building Diagnostics and Energy Audits:

Heat losses in buildings can account for up to half of the total energy costs.

Buildings may be cost effectively scanned using a thermal imaging camera, identifying problem areas that can’t be seen by the naked eye.

Poor or inadequate insulation, moisture, building envelope leaks, and substandard work let energy leak away, with excessive costs to residential and commercial building owners. A thermal image can help you to quickly see where the trouble spots are, and where energy efficiency can be improved with more accuracy. Thermal imaging can save you money by identifying exactly where and what needs to be fixed.

Our licenced Thermography specialist can scan your building quickly, then analyse the results, to produce a report which can then be used to pinpoint those cost-effective improvements. Thermography takes the guesswork out of building diagnostics.

Building Inspection:

Thermography has quickly become a valued tool in identifying problems related to energy loss, missing insulation, inefficient HVAC systems, radiant heating, water damage on roofs, black mold, and much more which can’t be seen by the naked eye. Prospective buyers are better protected against hidden problems in a home or building with a digital thermal image and analysis.

Restoration and Thermography:

The presence of moisture in building envelopes, either from leakage or condensation, can have serious and costly consequences. Using infrared thermography, water damage and mold can be detected, analysed and a plan of restoration developed.

Fire Damage-
Thermal imaging can be used to identify areas of fire damage, giving comprehensive and accurate information fast to help establish insurance claims. You need this type of information to get your property restored as quickly as possible.

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